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SectMateria (ex-DRESS CODE) provides a very fun style of music, as well as a group of talented men. Vocalist Gene (ex-Medue'obscur), Guitarist Akira (ex-【FIGURe;】support), Tami (ex-re:Make), and Mar (ex-Brand Φ).

They've released multiple releases and have participated in many lives. They are apart of TUXEDO PRODUCTIONS. A small producing company ran by ex-Due'le quartz KIKASA.
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Vo. Gene \ Gt. Akira \ Ba. Tami \ Dr. Mar
» c o m m u n i t y . r u l e s »
o1) Do not start rumors, or cause conflicts that are potentially damaging to the artists image.
o2) All media (images, mp3's, video's, etc) must be under friends lock. All posts that contain media and are not friends locked, will be removed.
o3) Do not advertise communities here unless it is affiliated with the artists themselves.
o4) Please be respectful of all the members, and staff of this community.
o5) (Optional) Post a introduction post, we'd all love to get to know you.

» Introduction post guideline:
  Favorite member:
  Favorite song:
  Other favorite bands:
  If you could meet the band what would you say or ask?:
  What do you think of the community?:
  Do you have any ideas for the community?:
  Other:(insert whatever else you'd like us to know here)
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TUXEDO PRODUCTION「SectMateria」(Member Name)宛